• Aircraft bomb Mk-82: the basic unit is GP bomb, weight 250 kg, ogival shape filled by TNT, Tritol, RBX according to the customer requirement. Distance of suspension lugs is 14“. The aircraft bomb can be equipped by mechanical, electrical or proximity fuze. Warhead can be equipped by guidance and navigation kit (laser, GPS navigation). Releasing envelope depends on the type of aircraft where the bomb is installed.
  • Aircraft bomb Mk-83: GP bomb, weight 500 kg, distance of suspension lugs is 14“. Configuration is analogous as Mk-82 bomb. Destroy effect of this bomb is higher than Mk-82.
  • Aircraft bombs OFAB series: high-explosive bombs, weight 110, 250, 500 kg filled by TNT, Tritol with distance of suspension lugs 20“. They are equipped by mechanical fuze as a standard.


  • Mechanical bomb fuzes M-904, M-905: used as a nose and tail bomb fuzes for the bombs series Mk-82, 83.
  • Electrical fuzes FMU-139 and FMU-152: used as a replacement of mechanical fuzes and at the same time they are a part of configuration of Mk-82, Mk-83 bombs for precious navigation


  • S-57 mm: unguided rocket launched from rocket launcher blocks UB 16, UB 32. Rocket is manufactured in several types. The most used is with a type S-5KO with high-explosive warhead.
  • S-80 mm: unguided rocket launched from rocket launcher block B8V20 with high-explosive warhead marked as S-8KO
  • GRAD S: aircraft unguided rocket derived from the round of 122 mm GRAD, high-explosive warhead, range 4 km, launched from rocket launching blocks of GRAD S. Block contains 4 rockets GRAD S.


  • 20×102 mm for cannon Plamen, M161A1 Vulcan
  • 23×115 mm for cannon GSh 23
  • 30×165 mm for cannon GSh30L
  • 30×114 mm for cannon ML 230

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