The Arrow model is a specially designed, hand-launchable drone that is ideal for aerial mapping, intelligence gathering, and video surveillance due to its lightweight construction.

  • Safety
  • Crisis situations
  • Facility and asset inspections
  • Surveillance of pipelines and power grids
  • Monitoring of farming and woodland areas
  • Wildlife reserve surveillance
  • Information gathering
  • Aerial imaging
  • The mission can be effortlessly transported, launched, and controlled by one person on foot
  • Consistent operation at high heights
  • Simultaneous video surveillance and high-resolution aerial mapping while in flight
  • Remote control stabilized camera in the front of the aircraft captures and streams HD video up to 30 km ahead
  • The onboard precision GNSS L1/L2 PPK system enables high-precision aerial orthophoto and DTM without the need for additional field work.
  • This system can conduct covert aerial reconnaissance and surveillance at high altitudes with zero radio emissions, despite active interference and GPS signal suppression.
  • System weight totals 8 kg
  • Flight time of up to 150 minutes
  • Hand or catapult launch mode
  • Soft landing via parachute
  • 0.5 cm resolution GSD
  • Flight range up to 150 km
  • HD video link reaching up to 30 km
  • Wind resistance up to 10 m/s
  • Sony UMC-R10c camera with interchangeable lens and 20.4 MP resolution
  • Multi-spectral camera from Parrot SEQUOIA
  • Thermal sensor for FLIR VUE PRO/FLIR DUO PRO
  • High-definition pan/tilt/zoom camera located in the nose
  • Thermal and optical pan-tilt-zoom camera by NextVision
  • Dual-frequency PPK GNSS system

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