flirt uav

Experience the Future of Aerial Technology with FLIRT UAVs - Advanced Solutions for Mapping, Monitoring and Remote Sensing Applications

Business-oriented use cases
  • airborne cartography
  • Farm and woodland surveillance
  • Ecosystem observation and analysis
  • Critical facility examinations
  • Surveillance of pipelines and power grids
  • Airborne reconnaissance
  • Urgent situations
  • Monitoring and protection

“FLIRT UAV technology offers a unique combination of unmanned flight capabilities with the precision and performance of traditional piloted aircrafts. What sets our drones apart is their ability to capture precisely aligned images even in challenging crosswind conditions, delivering superior data quality for a range of applications.

  • Intelligent FlightPlanner for automated mission generation
  • Complete automatic flight control from departure to touchdown
  • Compact footprint for launch and recovery
  • Unmatched flight stability for optimal image and data clarity
  • Versatile altitude and speed capabilities
  • Extended flight endurance
  • Long-range mission control up to 20 km via radio link
  • Effortless payload exchange
  • Camera gimbal with gyroscopic stabilization
  • Robust composite frame construction with integrated damping system for enhanced durability
  • Tool-free assembly process without electrical connections required
  • Emergency parachute landing system with automatic activation
  • Effortless transportation with specially designed lightweight and compact cases.

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