METRAVIB’s equipment is available in three versions:

In our capacity as an exclusive representative, MAX MERLIN proudly partners with METRAVIB Inc. – a company specializing in equipment for detecting enemy firing based on acoustic changes caused by blast muzzle and moving bullets.

  • Mobile gun detection system PILAR V detects bullets from 5.56 mm to 20 mm, determines source position and distance up to 1200m. 360° surveillance, fully passive with 2-second reaction time. Easy installation.
  • The PILAR V is a mobile gun detection system designed to protect vehicle crews. It can detect projectiles from 5.56 mm to 20 mm with 360° surveillance, a 2-second reaction time, and can determine the source of firing with high accuracy. It’s easy to install and works passively.
  • PEARL system – this system is designed for individual soldier protection. It is a miniaturized acoustic gun detection system mounted on personal firearms or surveillance devices, specifically designed for localizing enemy firing. A source of firing (azimuth) is indicated by LED indicators.

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